Sayla Dobro Spotify Playlists by The Yams


Miguel from The Yams put his head down and programmed a couple playlist for all you future Sayla Dobro fans or haters. Check out The Yams here.

We have a 7-Song EP in production. Stay tuned and follow us on Spotify!

“Hey Todd, here’s your playlist. It features tracks that tap into that cinematic take on Americana that I think characterizes the Sayla Dobro tracks—the Lynchian Other-World where Elvis is king and wears a snakeskin jacket. Let me know how you like it.”

– Miguel, The Yams

Tom Waits
David Lynch
Vashti Bunyan
Chris Isaak
Angelo Badalamenti
Nancy Sinatra
Lyle Lovett
Trance Farmers
Alan Vega
Link Wray