Help us go viral on Pandora Radio!

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Start a station with “Bad Man” by Sayla Dobro

Hey music fans! Our music made it onto Pandora, and we have made it so far as to get a “featured track,” so now for the next 60 days our song ‘Bad Man” has a chance to go into a heavier rotation!

Do you use Pandora? No? You should, it’s a lot of indies that rock.

If you would like to help on Pandora here are instructions:

1 – Log in with this link:
2 – Listen to and enjoy Sayla Dobro Radio for a bit and thumbs up our songs and any others you like. Thanks!
3 – Search for Sayla Dobro – Bad Man.
4 – Please start a song with the song Bad Man
5 – Listen for a bit and “Thumbs up any of my songs” like “J Train” or “The Way You Move“!
6 – Share the song Bad Man or our station via Social Media!

Thank you very much! Upcoming shows can found here in the SF Bay, Santa Cruz, and Fresno areas this Summer 2018:

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